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Delight Your Family by Winning One of Three $1,000 Prizes for Trying our Internet Service*!

Sign-up for service today for a chance to WIN one of THREE $1,000 prizes! As a special bonus, try our high speed, 4G LTE service for as low as $49.95/mo. for the first 12 months (100 GB included). Need another reason to join? Enjoy a 30-day no risk trial, with a speed guarantee of 5 Mbps or higher!*

$49.95 for 100 GB per month
i.e., 100 Main Street

**How to Enter Contest: Entry is free, and no payment or purchase is necessary to enter, or to win. Three $1,000 prizes are available. There are two ways to enter the contest. Option 1 is to sign-up for this advertised VTel Wireless Service by calling us at 802-885-9000 and you will receive a confirmation number. Customers signing up for alternative VTel or VTel Wireless plans, at different prices, which can be reviewed by calling us at 802-885-9000, also qualify. Option 2 is to sign-up for no service, with no cost, and to log on to to submit a contest entry form, and receive a confirmation number. Whichever option you select, please hurry to enter the contest before December 15, 2019. Must be 18 years or older to participate. Winners selected randomly from qualified entries. Void where prohibited by law. 

*Includes 100 GB of data per month, which is enough for about 50 Standard-Definition movies, plus $10 per additional 50 GB. Outdoor antenna does not include a Wi-Fi router, but these can be purchased anywhere, including from us for $75. Early termination fees apply. Prices do not include applicable state, local and other fees. Limits exist on all unlimited services. Use of service assumes acceptance of terms of service found on our website at Not all recipients will be eligible for service. Services and prices subject to change. VTel Wireless reserves the right to terminate new sign-ups for this and other promotions at any time. Price for free indoor modem is $49.95/mo. for first 12 consecutive months, then price continues at $59.95/mo. Price for outdoor antenna is $49.95/mo. + $19.95/mo. for 12 consecutive months, then continues at $59.95/mo. + $19.95/mo.