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Flash Sale! 2 Months Free, Any Data Plan!

Switch from slow DSL or satellite today, receive 2 MONTHS FREE Service for choosing Vermont's fastest Internet*

2 months and speeds up to 100 mbps
Included with every new subscription
  • We are the latest in home and business internet in rural communities: 4G LTE at-home. We’re faster than DSL and satellite, and more reliable. Not even the toughest Vermont weather affects your 4G LTE signal — and our signal reaches for miles and miles. 
  • We’ve been serving Vermont since 1890 and since our inception, we’ve been an innovator in new technologies. In 1923, we provided the phone line that enabled Calvin Coolidge to be sworn in as United States President, in Plymouth, VT. In the mid-90s, we launched our DSL service, and in 2012, we provided state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Internet and 4G LTE to rural Vermonters.
  • We are a trusted name in home internet service and reliable. In a 2018 survey of our current customers, out of 687 respondents, 89% agreed, “VTel Wireless’ Internet speed and data are a good value for the money.”
  • We offer free, 100% local technical support located in Vermont. We also offer 2 TB of cloud storage at no additional fee, as well as Free Thanksgiving Dinners on occasion! You can also stop by our local office and pick up a free apple whenever you’re in our neighborhood!

We serve hundreds of Vermont towns, as well as select towns in New Hampshire (on the Vermont border) and a small portion of New York (Washington County). 

We’d be happy to assist you with coverage, and remember, no address is too rural for our service — we have you covered!

Fill out the form below below to check if your address qualifies for our service!

Our data plans use Gigabytes. Gigabytes measure the amount of data used on our network. For example, shopping online, sending an email, or streaming a YouTube video all takes data, or gigabytes. You’ll want a data plan that makes sense for your household, and that’s why we offer a variety of data plans to choose from. 

More examples are listed below, but to start, you can expect most single user (one person using the internet per month) households will use 2 to 50 GB per month, while small families (of 3 or 4) will use between 100 and 200 GB per month, or more. 

  • 2GB – $10.00/mo. – Perfect for someone who uses the internet infrequently and does not stream.
  • 15 GB – $25.00/mo. – Ideal for the frequent online shopper, or newspaper reader — and suitable for heavy emails. 
  • 25 GB – $40.00/mo. – Great for couples who do not stream, but browse online frequently and send heavy emails. Occasional movie watching or music is typical, but infrequent. 
  • 100 GB – $59.95/mo. – Perfect for small families or single users who have higher than average streaming or browsing needs. Perfect for small businesses with 1 to 2 employees. Overage fees of $10 per additional 50 GB apply, after the first 100 GBs have been used.
  • 200 GB – $79.95/mo. – The perfect choice for any family (1-4 members) or small business (with 1 to 2 employees), stream TV, music and game online with ease, never worry about slowdowns. Overage fees of $10 per additional 50 GB apply, after the first 100 GBs have been used.
  • 500 GB – $139.95/mo. – The heavy duty plan! For households and businesses with demanding applications, such as streaming TV/gaming for multiple hours and/or downloading large files and/or applications. Overage fees of $10 per additional 50 GB apply, after the first 100 GBs have been used.
Please enter in this format: 802-555-5555
Example: 100 Oak St.
Example: Springfield

*2 FREE Months of Data valid on any data plan selection. New customers only. Free data offer does not include additional overage fees, which may apply with the data plan you have selected, should you exceed your data plan limit. May not be combined with any other promotion. Promotion only valid online, no phone orders. VTel Wireless reserves the right to limit this or other promotions. Additional limits may apply. 

*** Speeds up to 100 Mbps not available at all addresses. On average, most customers can expect between 10-30 Mbps download; however, at some locations, which have less signal strength, our minimum service speed guarantee is 5 Mbps download 1 Mbps upload at time of installation. 

Not all addresses will qualify for service. Please submit this form, or call for availability. 

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