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About Our Plans

About Our Plans

Every package includes the following:

  • No contracts required
  • 2 terabytes of FREE online storage (1 terabyte is about 400 movies!)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 5 FREE VTel email addresses
2 GB
15 GB
25 GB
50 GB
100 GB
Pro 200
200 GB
Pro 500
500 GB
Pro 1TB
1 TB

What do these plans accommodate?

  • Lite: Best option for checking email and occasional web surfing
  • Bronze: Perfect for recreational internet usage, and easy to upgrade if you need more!
  • Silver: Great for downloading pictures and music and light video streaming
  • Gold: Optimal choice for multi-user households, casual gaming, regular video streaming and file sharing
  • Platinum: Designed for multi-user households, large file sharing and frequent gaming
  • Pro 200, Pro 500, or Pro 1TB: Ideal for businesses or extreme data-users
LTE speeds can vary based on customer equipment, location, and network conditions. Best results are typically achieved with an outdoor mounted unit, and in some locations this unit is required in order to maintain strong, stable performance. Every new plan and device from VTel Wireless includes a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that performance meets your standards, so you can sign up with confidence!
VTel Wireless’ plans are “Unlimited”, which give you prioritized access to the network up to the amount of Gigabytes specified in the chosen plan. After that allotment, speeds are de-prioritized behind other users and there are no extra fees, but your service continues. To the best of our knowledge, we today permit much more generous Unlimited Plan overages compared to many other carriers, and, unlike other providers, VTel Wireless does not utilize 2G or 3G networks at all.
VTel Wireless’s offers for “unlimited internet” and other “unlimited” services are all subject to the following limits: Because there will always be some customers who make use of “unlimited” internet or other services in ways VTel Wireless considers unusual or excessive, VTel Wireless reserves the right to inform such users – at VTel Wireless’ sole discretion–they are operating outside acceptable levels, and to restrict or terminate service, or charge extra for future service. VTel Wireless’ caps for internet usage exist, and will vary based on VTel Wireless’ determination of what is fair and reasonable.