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About Our Plans

Data Plan Pricing

  • Guaranteed speeds of 10 Mbps/1.5 Mbps or higher! Some addresses as high as 300 Mbps!
  • Vermont-based customer service team; 24/7 technical support 
  • FREE 2 terabytes of online storage (1 terabyte is about 400 movies!)
  • FREE 5 VTel email addresses with premium spam blocker
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Just $59.95/mo. for 100 GB of high speed data included. 
  • Speeds NEVER slow down! Game, stream, access eLearning and TeleHealth without buffering.
  • Professional installation is included with your antenna fee.
  • Need more data? Additional data is only $10 per additional 50 GB

NEW! For households who qualify for the ACP credit: The VTel Wireless 10 GB Basic Plan can provide your household with high speed internet for just $29.95/mo. That’s right, pay nothing for your basic service, simply a  small admin & reg. fee and optional equipment costs. Call us today and ask for the “10 GB Basic Plan”! For more information, click here.

Equipment, Fees and Terms


  • Our high gain antenna is required to achieve the fastest speeds at your location. 
  • A router is required to create your home WiFi connection. You may buy ours for $75.00 or provide your own.
  • All standard labor, networking and cable equipment is included at no additional fee. 
  • Do you have your own equipment? You can bring your own device to our network, call us for details!

Fees and Terms

  • To lease our high gain antenna, a 2-year contract is required OR you may pay for your equipment upfront instead of going into a contract.
  • 1% Regulatory & Administrative Fee applies to your data plan. Applicable state and local taxes apply to any equipment leases and outright purchases. 
  • We just know you’ll love our high speed service, but if not, don’t worry, you’re never responsible for data or overages within the first 30 days, should you decide to cancel, simply let us know before your 30-day evaluation period expires. An additional “uninstallation” fee is required (and is not waived) if you cancel or refuse service at time of installation, with passing minimum installation speeds of 10 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload. 
  • Concerned about something going wrong with your outdoor antenna? Worry not, you’re covered! If you are in a contract and pay for a monthly lease of your equipment, you are covered for normal wear and tear and unpreventable damages, as well as cabling repairs or SIM card replacements — we’ll never charge you a fee to visit your location. 
  • Do you think we could have served you better? Please let us know — Once yearly, if you feel that we could ever have done a better job serving you (for any reason), simply let us know and we will apply a credit for one month of the affected service. We ask only that you tell us how we could have done a better job.

For those who qualify for the ACP credit, a 10 GB Basic plan is available for just $29.95/mo. plus your regulatory and administrative fee, plus the cost of any optional equipment. For more information on the ACP credit, check out this page.

Need a different plan? Or Account Specialists are here to help. Please contact us today to discuss your data needs. Here are some additional options available.

Additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply depending on your service address.


10 GB Basic Plan: For qualifying ACP customers only. High speed priority service up to 10 GB with Unlimited data after 10 GB at a throttled and reduced speed.

15 GB Plan Only: VTel Wireless’ plans are “Unlimited”, which give you prioritized access to the network up to the amount of Gigabytes specified in the chosen plan. After that allotment, speeds are de-prioritized behind other users and there are no extra fees, but your service continues. To the best of our knowledge, we today permit much more generous Unlimited Plan overages compared to many other carriers, and, unlike other providers, VTel Wireless does not utilize 2G or 3G networks at all.
VTel Wireless’s offers for “unlimited internet” and other “unlimited” services are all subject to the following limits: Because there will always be some customers who make use of “unlimited” internet or other services in ways VTel Wireless considers unusual or excessive, VTel Wireless reserves the right to inform such users – at VTel Wireless’ sole discretion–they are operating outside acceptable levels, and to restrict or terminate service, or charge extra for future service. VTel Wireless’ caps for internet usage exist, and will vary based on VTel Wireless’ determination of what is fair and reasonable.

500 GB Plan: After a subscriber has met their data allotment for the month (500 GB) a charge of $10 per additional 50 GB used or any portion thereof will be applied to their account.

Disclaimer: High speed internet service speeds will vary from location to location. Not all locations will qualify. All new pre-qualified customer sign-ups are guaranteed at least 10 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps at time of installation. Most locations average 25 Mbps download. Some locations may receive up to 100 Mbps. Data plan and equipment pricing varies based on the technology available at your service location and may vary. Additional terms and conditions apply, please contact us for details. 
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