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How VTel Wireless Works

How VTel Wireless Works

The VTel Wireless 4G LTE internet signal is emitted from a network of wireless sites located throughout Vermont. These sites can appear as standing metal “traditional cell towers”, or they may be disguised in silos, steeples, or other pre-existing structures. Every month we’re getting more sites online, which expands the range of our network, and thus where you can “take our internet with you”!

4G / LTE stands for fourth generation / long term evolution

A variety of devices are available to receive the signal from the nearest wireless site, designed either to be used at a fixed location like your home or business, or on-the-go. The majority of homes in Vermont will be able to use a small router to connect to the VTel Wireless network. You can also use your unlocked smartphone as a “hotspot” to receive our signal by simply inserting a VTel Wireless SIM card. Any of these devices then wirelessly emits the internet signal to the immediate area, creating an environment where you can surf websites, download games, stream movies, or do what you want online at 4G LTE speeds!

modern home with wireless devices example