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Who We Are

Get to Know Us

Family Owned & Operated

VTel Wireless is a small, family-owned telecommunications company which has been offering robust 4G LTE and VoLTE Internet and mobile voice solutions throughout the state of Vermont, eastern New York and Western New Hampshire since 2013. 

Today, we are offering high-speed wireless internet for homes and businesses in Vermont, with a focus on serving under-served and un-served communities in rural areas. Our network is also designed to provide mobile high-speed data access, so that our customers can stay connected on-the-go using a compatible tablet, smartphone, or dongle.

VTel Wireless is a sister company to VTel, which has been providing world-class technology, with down-home service, at affordable prices to homes and businesses across Southern Vermont since 1890. Learn more

Why Choose VTel Wireless?

Our company is based in Springfield. When you call our customer support team with questions, you’ll find a friendly local Vermonter, based in our Springfield headquarters, on the other line. Many of our employees have been with VTel for decades. We care about our customers, and when you’re happy, we’re happy.

VTel Wireless has the lowest prices compared to the competition.

You can choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. At VTel Wireless, we sell data, and we don’t care how you use it. Surf the web, watch a movie, videochat with family and friends, or take an online class. We don’t care where you use it. You can use your data at home or on the road. We don’t care when you use it. Morning, noon or night, our network will provide a reliable signal and lightning-fast speeds. We let you choose a contract-free option, and you can upgrade, change, or cancel your subscription at any time. Rather go with a contract? That’s available, too — with special terms and additional promotions, ask for details!

We’ve invested over $100 million of our capital, and $35 million of capital from the federal government, to build this network. Most customers receive at least 25 Mbps download, while some rural customers may receive speeds as fast as 300 Mbps — that’s fast!

VTel Wireless is a green company — we require customers to choose paperless billing to save trees, we drive hybrid and electric cars to keep our CO2 emissions low, and we use the highest recyclable content possible for our paper mailings and plant an equal or greater amount of trees to keep our planet healthy.

VTel Wireless actively supports Vermont community groups, creates Vermont jobs, drives electric vehicles, uses solar and hydro and wind power, and is committed to improving quality of life for Vermont. 

If you know of a local organization that may benefit from a VTel Wireless sponsorship, we invite you to reach out to us with your suggestion

Our Guarantees

Guarantee One:

Once yearly, if you feel that we could ever have done a better job serving you (for any reason), simply let us know and we will apply a credit for one month of the affected service. We ask only that you tell us how we could have done a better job.

Guarantee Two:

We guarantee that you’ll be over-the-moon with your new VTel Wireless service. If for any reason during the first 30 days of new service you should not be fully satisfied, contact us — we will refund you for any service charges incurred, as outlined in contract terms with our company.