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Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates

To install the latest firmware on your device, we advise you to please contact our technical support department at 802-885-9002, 24/7/365. Alternatively, you may email us and we’ll be happy to assist you with any firmware changes.

Why upgrade your firmware? While most upgrades involve security enhancements, some upgrades actually help us monitor your signal performance (and troubleshoot a connection) much better. Occasionally, new features may be made available and/or bugs/fixes may be provided by the manufacturer. We recommend checking this page every 6 to 24 months for the latest firmware. 


  • Current Version (6/18/2024): v1.04.1.652
  • Previous Version (10/23/2020): v1.04.1.507

BEC6900-R15 & R25

  • Current Version (6/18/2024): v1.04.1.652
  • Previous Version (8/19/2022): v1.04.1.583


  • Current Version (6/18/2024): v1.00.1.169
  • Previous Version (8/19/2022): v1.00.1.98

BEC6300-R15 (Discontinued)

  • Current Version (07/05/2022): v1.06.1.236
  • Previous Version (10/12/2020): v1.06.1.229